Opinions That Are Allegedly Unpopular – IOTW Report

Opinions That Are Allegedly Unpopular – IOTW Report

I’m not that sure these opinions are unpopular-

Bored Panda says, “People Are Sharing Their Unpopular Opinions On This Online Group.”

Kids Who Succeed Academically Deserve Scholarships More Than Kids Who Are Good At Sports

If A Police Chief Coordinates A “No Knock House Raid” And They Go The Wrong House, They Should Be Charged With Whatever Happens

Screw You If You Record Yourself Giving Things To Homeless People

If I Catch A Baseball At A Major League Game And You Send Your Kid Over, You’re The As**ole, Not Me

-I’m Not Telling My Kids To Never Hit Girls

Hiring A Stripper Before The Day Of Your Supposed To Be Married To The Love Of Your Life Is Disgusting, And Extremely Weird

If You Don’t Want To Donate Your Organs After You Die; You Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Receive Donated Organs

Amazon Could Really Use A “Filter Out Chinese Sellers” Option

People Are Always Concerned About The Planet We’re Leaving For Our Kids, But Nobody Cares About What Kind Of Kids We’re Leaving For The Planet


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