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Op-Ed: The DOJ Just Can’t Quit Trump – This Is What the Founders Warned About

Op-Ed: The DOJ Just Can’t Quit Trump – This Is What the Founders Warned About

Op-Ed: The DOJ Just Can’t Quit Trump – This Is What the Founders Warned About

It seems that even after leaving office, Donald Trump continues to dominate headlines and provoke fierce debates. Most recently, with the ongoing investigations into the former president’s finances and business dealings, the Department of Justice (DOJ) is once again thrust into the spotlight. But with each move aimed at Trump, we must ask ourselves, is this what the Founders truly envisioned?

The founders of the United States, informed by their experiences with absolute monarchy under King George III, designed a system of government with a careful balance of power, checks, and accountability mechanisms. They specifically warned against the formation of a “king-like” executive figure who could exert unchecked authority, undermining the core principles of the young republic. While it is essential to hold leaders accountable for their actions, we must also ensure that these investigations are carried out in line with the intent behind the founders’ vision.

Over the past few decades, the DOJ has demonstrated a tendency to zealously pursue high-profile cases, particularly involving public figures and politicians. However, the relentless focus on Trump, even long after his departure from the White House, raises concerns about the department’s priorities and potential underlying political motivations.

It is not uncommon for outgoing presidents to face scrutiny once they leave office. From Richard Nixon’s Watergate scandal to Bill Clinton’s impeachment proceedings, former presidents have been held accountable for their actions. However, the intensity and persistence of investigations into Trump have surpassed many previous cases. This persistent attention has fostered accusations of politicization within the DOJ, casting doubt on the impartiality and motives behind the investigations.

While it is crucial to follow the rule of law and investigate any potential wrongdoing, wielding the power of the DOJ for political purposes should never be condoned. It undermines the trust in our institutions and further polarizes an already divided nation. The DOJ must remember its duty to act as an independent body, guided by the Constitution and not swayed by partisan pressures.

One must not forget the importance of due process and the presumption of innocence. Investigations should be conducted thoroughly, fairly, and based on concrete evidence, avoiding the temptation to carry out “fishing expeditions” in the hope of finding something incriminating. Such an approach risks turning the DOJ into a weaponized tool of political vendettas, which is precisely what the Founders sought to prevent.

Furthermore, incessantly focusing on one individual detracts attention from addressing the real issues plaguing the nation. While the Trump administration undoubtedly had its shortcomings, there are numerous challenges our country faces that demand urgent attention: systemic racism, economic inequality, healthcare disparities, climate change, just to name a few. We must not allow our precious resources and energy to be consumed solely by a past occupant of the Oval Office.

To reclaim the spirit of our constitutional democracy, we need to move forward, prioritize genuine reform, and address the root causes of the issues that affect millions of Americans. The DOJ should refocus its efforts on pursuing systemic changes that foster a fair and just society instead of obsessively targeting one individual.

As we reflect on the consequences of our actions today, let us remember the wisdom of the Founding Fathers and their warnings against the abuse of power. This cautionary tale should serve as a reminder to all future administrations and the DOJ that justice can only be served when it is administered without bias, politics, or personal vendettas. Only then can we truly preserve the principles upon which our nation was founded.

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