‘Once they started calling it racist to criticize Islam, it was easy to shut the conversation down’ – IOTW Report

Jihad Watch-

Nowadays statements are not evaluated on the basis of whether or not they’re true, but on the basis of who says them. What Obaid Omer says here is quite correct, and I’ve been saying it for years. But of course Newsweek wouldn’t be caught dead publishing someone who has been subject to the same process of libel, demonization, and cancellation that Omer alludes to here. It is a good thing they published Obeid Omer. Maybe this message will be heeded when it comes from him. more

Germany: Church vandalized almost daily, people defecate and set fires inside it.

There has been hostility to the Catholic Church in Germany for centuries, but this kind of thing did not happen. Could it have anything to do with the introduction into Germany of a large population of people who believe that Christianity is a false religion and that they are commanded to fight unbelievers so that Allah may punish them by the hands of the believers (cf. Qur’an 9:14-15)? Possibly not. But possibly...

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