NYT Fundraises Off of Criticism That Trump Fundraises

NYT Fundraises Off of Criticism That Trump Fundraises

The New York Times is fundraising off an article that blasted Donald Trump for fundraising.

In an article on Trump’s class-action lawsuit against Big Tech, the Times reported that Trump is suing “tech firms for blocking him, and fund-raises off it.”

Yet, if you’re not electronically subscribed to the New York Times, the newspaper will ask you to pay for a subscription to “keep reading” the article.

“President Trump does fund-raising, but not ads. NYT does both,” retired journalist Don Surber pointed out.

While it’s well-known that the Times has a bias against Trump, this is one of the most noteworthy examples as the Times thinks it’s okay to fundraise off an article that blasts Trump for fundraising.

In other words, fundraising isn’t objectively bad, it’s just bad when Trump does it.

And, given how the media is desperate for eyeballs once Trump took himself out of the spotlight, the Times will undoubtedly make $$$$ off of a Trump article versus a Biden one.

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