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NYC Councilman Wants to Force Ice Cream Trucks to Go Green ⋆ Conservative Firing Line

NYC Councilman Wants to Force Ice Cream Trucks to Go Green ⋆ Conservative Firing Line

As if the green agenda hasn’t given everyone enough major headaches already, one NYC councilman has proposed that all Ice Cream trucks be transitioned away from fossil fuel-powered generators. On August 4, Councilman Lincoln Restler introduced legislation aimed at forcing ice cream trucks to move to electric or solar powered generators -“Because the generators expose New Yorkers to poor air quality + unsafe noise levels.”

Not everyone is in favor of the idea, including other council members. The truck owners are extremely unhappy…except for the one who is planning to retire soon.

“The proposal, introduced by Brooklyn Councilman Lincoln Restler, would require ice cream trucks to transition to solar-powered or electric-powered machines within the next three years. The cost of implementing these changes could be substantial for the truck operators, potentially leading to price increases for customers. The owners argue that it is impractical to have solar-powered trucks in a city with tall buildings and limited sunlight. They also express concerns about the additional space needed for batteries if they were to switch to electric-powered machines. Overall, they believe that this proposal would have a negative impact on the economy and small businesses.” World News X365

In NYC u can shoot heroin and smoke crack in public, riot, murder, rob and rape people but the government is trying to ban ICE CREAM TRUCKS!

— Jessi (@JessiAngel143) August 6, 2023

While innocent commuters are attacked on the subway, illegal migrants overrun hotels, and rioters attack police in lower Manhattan…

The city is now moving to ban fossil-fuel powered

New Yorkers, get out while you can.

— The First (@TheFirstonTV) August 7, 2023

Pizza shops and Matzah bakeries weren’t enough, now progressives want to go after ice cream trucks. Small businesses remain under attack from politicians in NYC.

— Council Member Ari Kagan (@CMAriKagan47) August 4, 2023

Restler claimed in an interview that no one loves ice cream more than he does, but you know, save the planet and all that Progressive rot. And he’s happy to cause Ice Cream truck owners to go into debt even farther.

“I promise you there is not a member of the City Council who loves ice cream more than me and we are committed to supporting every small business owner and Mr. Softee seller in the city of New York. If there’s a need for including a loan program or grants into this legislation, I’m happy to consider it.” New York Post

Mr. Restler’s brain needs a lube job. The high buildings in NYC would block most of the sun to any solar panel that could be stuck on the roof of an ice cream truck.  The lithium-ion batteries required to run an ice cream truck could be extremely unsafe, and that’s not even counting the room and weight required for them. None of that takes into account the rising cost of ingredients… which will raise the cost of ice cream cones out of sight for the children and adults who love them.

And that’s how you save the planet. Or removing progressives from office. Take your choice.



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