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Not sure Ukraine is “winnable” anymore

Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD), the co-chairman of the Congressional Ukraine Caucus, said during a town hall on Tuesday that he is not sure Ukraine’s war against Russia is “winnable.”

Harris spoke at a town hall in Abingdon, Maryland, in front of a PowerPoint presentation on the national debt, saying it’s time to end U.S. aid to Ukraine.

“Is this more of a stalemate? Do we have to be realistic about it? I think we probably should,” Harris commented.

He also said that Ukraine’s counter-offensive against Russia, which was promoted by many pro-Ukrainian media outlets, has not been successful.

“I’ll be blunt, it’s failed,” he said.

Harris said Ukraine’s prospects for victory against Russia also remain unfavorable.

He admitted, “I’m not sure it can be won anymore.”

While these views can’t be further from the average Freedom Caucus member’s commentary on the proxy war against Russia, it’s a strong statement from the co-chair of the Congressional Ukraine Caucus, whose Ukrainian mother fled the Communist Eastern Europe after World War II.

Harris voted for Congress’s massive Ukraine aid package and, as a senior member of the House Appropriations Committee, has considerable influence over House Republican spending bills.

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Jack Knudsen / Breitbart News

He also said that any potential aid to Ukraine must come with an inspector general.

Harris said, “If there’s humanitarian money, non-military money, or military money without an inspector general, I’m not supporting it.”

Biden has called for an additional $24 billion in aid to Ukraine.

In this handout photo, U.S. President Joe Biden signs the guest book during a meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at the Presidential Palace of Ukraine on February 20, 2023 in Kyiv, Ukraine (Presidential Press Office of Ukraine via Getty Images).

Richard Stern, a budget expert at the Heritage Foundation, said the total proposed aid to Ukraine would cost $1,100 per household.

According to the Federal Reserve’s 2022 Economic Well-being of US Households, 37 percent of Americans lack enough money to cover an emergency expense of $400, which is a 32 percent increase in 2021.

Now, he has called for a negotiated end to the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

“I think the time has come to realistically ask for peace talks. I know President Zelensky doesn’t want that,” Harris told people at his town hall. “But President Zelensky, without our help, would lose the war abjectly. And with our help, he’s not winning. Now it’s a stalemate,” he said.

Sean Moran is a policy reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter @SeanMoran3.


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