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Non-binary rugby player who injured women named ‘hardest hitter’

A “non-binary” rugby player accused of injuring women in a match was previously called “the hardest hitter” when he was part of the men’s team, new evidence shows.

Last June, the “non-binary” player was ejected from a women’s rugby match after injuring three female competitors. After the player’s identity remains unknown, it has now been revealed. For Redux:

The identity of the man involved in the incident has now been confirmed as Ash Davis, who previously played in the club’s men’s division and was named ‘top batsman’ at the senior awards banquet last year .

According to a rugby club source, there has been “a lot of opposition” to Davis’ participation in the women’s category, but club members are wary of speaking out for “fear of being labeled transphobic”.

The source also explained that “a lot of people have known Ash for years, which makes her more sensitive.”

Marshi Smith, the co-founder of the Independent Women’s Sports Council (ICONES), told Reduxx that the rugby club did not care about the safety of the female players.

“Young women are being forced to put their physical safety on the line to satisfy the desires of one man, Ash Davis, in Canadian rugby,” Smith said.

Rugby scrum – stock photo. David Madison/Getty Images

“Despite opposition within the rugby club, leaders such as club president Jane Kirby are willing to risk the health and safety of young female players, prioritizing the preferences of men over ethical concerns and the potential for life-threatening injuries or deaths. This policy of sacrificing the well-being of girls and women for the eligibility preferences of men is unethical and dangerous,” Smith added.

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