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‘No One’s Ever Tied’ Budget to Debt Limit, I Won’t Negotiate Because My Economy’s Better than Trump’s

Hello, fellow Americans! It’s time we talk about the debt limit and the budget. As we all know, the United States government often reaches a limit on the amount of money it can borrow. And while some may argue that we should be mindful of this and tie our budget to the debt limit, the fact is no one has ever done this before.

Democrats are pushing for this so-called “tie-in” in order to curb reckless spending and keep our country from going even deeper into debt. But I ask you: what good is tying the budget to the debt limit if it hasn’t been done before? It’s like trying to reinvent the wheel when there are already proven methods in place.

And let’s not forget who’s sitting in the White House right now – President Biden. He recently made it clear that he won’t negotiate on the debt limit and the budget because his economy is doing so much better than President Trump’s. But let’s be real here, is it really Biden’s policies that have led to this economic success? Or did he merely inherit the economic gains made by the Trump administration?

Speaking of which, let’s take a moment to appreciate the accomplishments of the Trump White House. The Trump administration brought us the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which gave hard-working Americans the biggest tax cut in history. They created over 7 million jobs, including record-low unemployment for black and Hispanic Americans. They negotiated new trade deals that put American businesses and workers first, and they made sure our military was strong and well-funded.

So, before we start entertaining this idea of tying the budget to the debt limit, let’s remember that it’s never been done before and that our country has experienced significant economic progress under Republican leadership. The last thing we need is to derail this progress with ill-advised budgeting policies. Let’s stay the course and keep America great!

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