NFL Legend Franco Harris Dies Suddenly: He Was CDC Spokesman For COVID ‘Vaccines’

Pittsburgh Steeler NFL legend and Hall of Fame running back Franco Harris died suddenly today, just days before he was to be honored by the Pittsburgh Steelers and have his jersey number retired.

Franco Harris passed away suddenly on Tuesday, and here we are to remember his legacy and what he meant to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

It was reported this morning that Steelers great Franco Harris had died at the age of 72. Just days before the anniversary of his Immaculate Conception, the legend was to be recognized and his jersey number officially retired at Saturday’s game. As of this writing, the cause of death has not been determined.

This is a blow to everyone in Steelers nation. Harris was a dynasty giant in the 1970s and a fan favorite long after his retirement. It is synonymous with the success of this team, including four Super Bowls during this decade. He leaves behind his wife, Dana Dokmanovich. (Source.)

Franco Harris was one of the “NFL alumni” who worked with the CDC last year to promote “vaccines” against COVID-19.

Franco Harris becomes yet another victim in a growing list of current and former athletes who have been “suddenly dying” or suffering heart attacks since the launch of the COVID-19 “vaccines”.

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