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New York’s Democratic Mayor Says Migrant Crisis Has ‘Destroyed’ City, Biden Admin Is ‘Back’

New York’s Democratic Mayor Says Migrant Crisis Has ‘Destroyed’ City, Biden Admin Is ‘Back’

New York City’s mayor says the illegal immigration crisis has “destroyed” his city, pointing out that the Biden administration has done nothing to help deal with the problem they created.

The city is being destroyed by the migrant crisis,Mayor Eric Adams (D) said at a panel discussion hosted by the Association of African American Mayors in Washington DC

Adams’ comments came one day after signing an executive order extending the state of emergency in New York due to the influx of illegal immigrants.

“The City Council is now facing an unprecedented humanitarian crisis that requires it to take extraordinary measures,” the order says.

According to city comptroller Brad Lander in an April 7 report, the city had to increase their housing stock by more than 75% due to the influx of more than 55,000 foreigners claiming to be seeking asylum in the last year.

Meanwhile, the Mayor’s Office of Management and Budget says the total cost of providing shelter and other services to refugees is about $1.4 billion this year and will be $2.8 billion by 2024.

“New York State and (to a lesser extent) the federal government have begun to provide some help, albeit less than their fair share. But even with federal and state support, the current approach it is beyond what New York City can reasonably maintain,” Lander wrote.

Adams Wednesday criticized the Biden administration for leaving New York City high and dry when it comes to the influx of illegals.

“The national government has turned its back on New York City,” Adams said during a City Hall news conference. “We’re here today telling the White House that we’ve been extremely patient. We’ve allowed the coordination of all our agencies to come together to deal with this response.”

This is in the lap of the President of the United States.

Adams too expressed concern about the Biden administration trying to get rid of Title 42a Trump-era policy that allows the US to quickly deport migrants who have entered the country illegally, warning that “52,000 [asylum seekers] it could jump to 100,000 if we don’t control it.”

The Adams administration has proposed measures that include provide access to humanitarian parole for illegal immigrants, including expediting work authorization.

New York officials have said they have received about $8 million from state and federal sources, which pales in comparison to the more than $4 billion in related expenses the city is expected to incur through 2024 due to the influx of migrants. – Eras

In his April 20 executive order, Adams said the thousands of illegals flooding New York City have created an “unprecedented humanitarian crisis.”

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