New York Legislature Voted to Strip Cuomo of Emergency Pandemic Powers ⋆ Conservative Firing Line

New York Legislature Voted to Strip Cuomo of Emergency Pandemic Powers ⋆ Conservative Firing Line

There will be no more fudging of statistics in NY nursing home deaths after the New York Legislature voted on Friday to strip Cuomo of the emergency powers they granted him last year. The bipartisan action sailed through both the NY Assembly (107-43) and Senate (43-20).

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Senator Jessica Ramos, (D) stated that the “very bare minimum we can do for New Yorkers right now is rescind his emergency powers immediately. This Governor’s inability to see outside of his own ego cannot continue to go unchecked. Not when the lives of New Yorkers are at stake.”

The action came after the revelation that Cuomo’s own aides deliberately fudged the number of nursing home deaths amid the scandal of him sending Covid cases into the most vulnerable populations. As we previously reported, the deaths grew from a supposed little over 8k to over 15,000. And his aides admitted fudging the numbers.

Unfortunately, the bill doesn’t go far enough, according to several legislators. They accuse the Governor of trying to protect his reputation in the months before his book on “leadership during the pandemic” was released.

Under the bill, Cuomo maintains the ability to keep current COVID-19 rules and tweak them, but going forward he can not make decisions without input from the legislature. In addition, Cuomo will have to notify legislative committees and local governments and respond to their questions in many circumstances…

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…Sen. Anthony Palumbo (R-N.Y.) accused Cuomo of not being transparent with nursing home deaths because it would tarnish his reputation before the release of his book on leadership during a pandemic.

Democrat and Republican lawmakers argued the bill does not do enough to strip Cuomo of the emergency power he obtained one year ago in wake of the pandemic.

“But this does not go far enough at all, the governor has been exposed,” Palumbo said. “He has not properly informed us, he and his staff have lied to us. Why are we continuing to trust this man to be transparent and make decisions that are going to be in the best interest of the state? We need to restore control locally, we need to restore control to this body.”


The New York Legislature will have the ability to repeal any of the Governor’s emergency declarations in the future. But for now, many of his Covid edicts will remain in place and he can only “tweak” them. Between this situation and the sexual harassment scandal (now up to 3 women), Cuomo is in deep, deep water. But as Jessica Ramos mentioned, he has a habit of not being able to “see beyond his own ego” to care about New Yorkers.

As they say, “pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.”

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