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New ‘Rust Belt’ poll just reveals how dangerous 2024 will be if Trump is not the nominee…

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A stunning new “Rust Belt” poll has just been released that reveals something troubling and downright dangerous for the GOP if President Trump is not the nominee. Renowned pollster Richard Baris breaks down the implications below, but in short, this poll suggests that without Trump as the candidate, the Rust Belt, including Trump’s states of Ohio, Iowa and Indiana, would once again be swing states and put in play . Here’s a quick breakdown:

Under Obama, Iowa, Indiana, and Ohio were swing states, while Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin were blue states. These days, Trump easily secures Ohio, Iowa, and Indiana in a massive red landslide, while Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin become swing states under his influence — Trump won those states in 2016 and nearly take again in 2020. However, as Baris points out, this new poll shows that “traditional” GOP candidates like Tim Scott and Ron DeSantis could turn even Ohio, a solid red state, into a “swing” state if a from them he received the nomination.

Here’s a closer look at the survey:

President Trump is immensely popular in the Midwest and the Rust Belt, from Iowa to Pennsylvania, and traditional GOP candidates like John McCain and Mitt Romney, with their neocon policies on trade and foreign policy, have always been welcome lukewarm

So the bottom line is this: If the traditional Republican candidates (anyone but Trump) win the nomination, red states could turn purple or go back to blue states, and swing states in the Rust Belt could be hopelessly out of favor. the reach No wonder the regime and the GOP establishment are trying to imprison Trump. He wins, and everyone loses.



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