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New Facebook files show Biden regime coerced social media giants to ban Covid dissent

A new release of Facebook files shows the social media giant removed content related to Covid-19 due to coercive pressure from the Biden administration. The new publication was reported exclusively by the Wall Street Journal, as mentioned by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) on Friday.

This included posts suggesting the virus was artificially created. These email exchanges reveal Facebook’s internal debates about moderating user posts about the origins of the pandemic, which the government was trying to manage.

Nick Clegg, Facebook’s president of global affairs, questioned the company’s position in a July 2021 email: “Can someone quickly remind me why we were removing, rather than downgrading/labeling, claims that Covid is it man-made?”

“We were under pressure from the administration and others to do more,” a Facebook vice president responded responsible for content policy, speaking of the Biden administration. “We shouldn’t have.”

This conversation came three months after Facebook, now owned by Meta Platforms, lifted a ban on posts claiming that Covid-19 was artificially created or manufactured, given the growing debate over the origin of the virus.

Those internal correspondences were acquired by the Republican-led House Judiciary Committee, investigating what GOP lawmakers argue are the Biden administration’s inappropriate attempts to censor American speech on social media about Covid-19 and other topics

However, the White House has insisted that their discussions were aimed at encouraging vaccine uptake and other public health goals. In a press conference, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre emphasized the critical responsibility of social media platforms to consider the impact of their platforms on American citizens while independently determine its content.

“We have consistently made clear that we believe social media companies have a critical responsibility to consider the effects their platforms have on the American people, while making independent decisions about the content of their platforms,” said Jean-Pierre. he said at a press conference on Thursday.

Despite these revelations, Facebook has consistently maintained that its content moderation decisions are independent and apolitical. A Facebook spokesperson declined to comment on this matter.

Documents examined by the Journal, which date back to the spring and summer of 2021, show the Biden administration championed a national Covid-19 vaccination campaign, including a campaign encouraging Facebook to more rigorously moderate content related to the vaccine.

Officials believed misinformation circulating on Facebook was contributing to vaccination among Americans, leading President Biden to accuse Facebook of “killing people” in July. Those comments prompted Facebook’s upper echelons, including Clegg and then-COO Sheryl Sandberg, to reassess the company’s stance on Covid-19 content.

After the president’s critical comment, a Facebook vice president compiled a memo comparing Facebook’s content policies and the Biden administration’s demands, with the vice president suggesting there was a significant gap between the two.

“There’s probably a significant gap between what the WH would like us to remove and what we’re comfortable removing,” the Facebook vice president said.

They pointed, for example, to the White House’s call for action against content highlighting vaccine safety, which the company appeared reluctant to comply with. They speculated that removing posts where Americans expressed vaccine hesitancy could exacerbate their hesitancy, potentially fueling conspiracy theories about vaccine safety cover-ups.

“The WH has previously indicated that it believes humor should be removed if it is based on the vaccine having side effects, so hopefully it would also want to remove humor about hesitation,” wrote the Vice President.

“I can’t in a million years see Mark being comfortable with removing this, and I wouldn’t recommend it,” Clegg wrote in a later email, apparently referring to CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

“There may be a risk of pushing them further into vacillation by suppressing their speech and making them feel marginalized by large institutions,” said a draft memo to Facebook management. Removing those posts could also fuel “conspiracy theories” about a cover-up related to vaccine safety, the draft memo added.

During this period, Facebook also sought to negotiate a transatlantic data sharing agreement between the US and Europe, complying with privacy laws.

As of August 2021, Facebook executives were considering changes to their Covid content policies, including stepping up penalties for users who violate content rules on both Facebook and Instagram, another platform owned by Meta .

Republican Rep. Jim Jordan, chairman of the House panel, argued that the documents reveal the pressure social media companies, such as Facebook, faced to change their content moderation policies and restrict free speech to please the federal government and the Biden administration.

“While these documents are discordant, they are only the beginning of the story,” Jordan said. “We expect Facebook to continue to produce documents, and if not, contempt remains on the table.”

However, Jordan overruled a committee vote on whether to recommend holding Mark Zuckerberg in contempt of Congress for not providing documents about the company’s communications with the government. Facebook has been handing over additional documents recently and offered nearly a dozen witnesses to testify.

A spokesman for Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee tried to justify the violation of Americans’ constitutional rights.

“In 2021, in the darkest days of the pandemic, of course the Biden administration was working every possible angle to keep people alive,” the spokesperson said.

“The documents that Mr. Jordan selectively released show that the company often disagreed with the White House and denied the Administration’s requests, and every witness we interviewed has confirmed that only Meta made decisions about how to enforce its own terms of service,” the statement said. added


‘Never-before-released’ Facebook files show Biden regime knowingly violated Americans’ rights

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