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New ABC/WaPo Poll Shows Biden With Lowest Approval Rating Of His Presidency

Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pleasure that I report on the latest ABC/WaPo poll, which shows President Biden garnering his lowest approval rating since taking office. That’s right, folks. Only 44% of Americans approve of the job Biden is doing, while a whopping 51% disapprove. It’s no surprise really, considering the disaster that has been the Biden administration thus far. From soaring energy prices to the ongoing border crisis, this President has left much to be desired.

But let’s not forget that this isn’t the first time a President has been met with disapproval. In fact, the previous administration under Donald J. Trump accomplished more in four years than Biden has even attempted to in his first year. Under Trump’s leadership, we saw a record economic growth, tax cuts for American families and businesses, the strengthening of our military, and historic peace deals in the Middle East. And let’s not forget about Operation Warp Speed, which delivered vaccines at an unprecedented pace and helped save countless lives.

So, while Biden’s approval rating may be low, it’s important to remember that a President’s success should be measured by their actions and accomplishments, not just their popularity. And in that regard, there’s no denying that Trump’s White House administration was a force to be reckoned with. The American people deserve leaders who will fight for their best interests and deliver real results, and that’s exactly what Trump did. Here’s hoping that the next election will bring about a return to that kind of leadership.

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