‘My Patients Are Not Laboratory Rats To Be Sacrificed in a Global Vaccine Experiment!’

‘My Patients Are Not Laboratory Rats To Be Sacrificed in a Global Vaccine Experiment!’

A New Zealand doctor has come out against compulsory Covid vaccination citing US adverse reactions and a duty to the code of medical ethics.

In an open video explaining his position, New Zealand general practitioner Dr. Damian Wojcik asserts he’s obligated to speak up in the face of evidence the vaccine is causing thousands of deaths.

“I am taking the unprecedented step of speaking publicly along with a group of medical colleagues regarding my deep concerns over the Covid-19 vaccine rollout to all New Zealanders,” Dr. Wojcik states in the 15-minute video.

According to Wojcik, doctors are put in a tough spot when they’re expected to promote the vaccine despite its limited development and evidence of fatal side effects.

“In the five months from the 14th of December 2020 there have been 4,434 deaths reported to the USA Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System,” he says.

“This is more than the combined total for all other vaccines for the entire preceding 10 years and between 113 and 165 times higher than the annual influenza vaccine death rate.”

Wojcik explains under the hippocratic oath historically pledged to by physicians, doctors are compelled to speak up.

“It is now considered unprofessional to discuss risks and dangers in case we dissuade our hesitant patients from receiving their Covid-19 injections,” he says.

“This means we are in breach of our duties under the code of health and disability legislation there is a world of a difference between the standard vaccines on the schedule, all of which have had at least 4 to 10 years of clinical trials and several years usage in the field, and a new medicine, in effect a novel gene therapy, with few if any of these safety checks.”

“It seems to me as doctors we cannot be true to our code of medical ethics and at the same time remain silent in the face of an experimental treatment compelled under duress, fear, threat of losing livelihood, travel restrictions, potential loss of medical, nursing, or university education, and state overreach,” Wojcik states.

“I swore to uphold the hippocratic oath. First: Do no harm. Next: Cure if you can. And, last: Care for always,” he says.

“Some in New Zealand would say this harm is the price we must pay for halting the Covid-19 pandemic and returning to normal. My reply to them is, ‘Not on my watch, and not in my patients.’”

View Dr. Wojcik’s full message below:

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