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Most Americans say Biden and Trump are not ‘fit’ to serve as president

Most Americans say Biden and Trump are not ‘fit’ to serve as president

Title: The American People’s Dubious Claims About Biden and Trump’s Presidential Aptitude


Welcome to a reaffirming edition of our conservative news analysis, where we delve into the pressing concerns raised by the American people surrounding President Joe Biden and his predecessor, Donald Trump. While it may come as no surprise that certain individuals from across the political spectrum harbor doubts about these two leaders, it is essential to challenge the assumptions underlying these claims and analyze their validity objectively.

The People’s Doubts:

A recent survey reveals that a significant number of Americans question both Biden and Trump’s suitability for the highest office in the land. Critics argue that these doubts stem from a polarization-fueled media environment that often amplifies individuals’ biases. Nonetheless, let us grant that these concerns are genuine and proceed with a critical examination of the allegations.

Questioning Biden’s Fitness:

Detractors allege that President Biden’s age and apparent forgetfulness render him unfit for his role as the leader of the free world. It is essential to note that the presidency demands a remarkable level of mental acuity and stamina. However, supporters argue that Biden’s decades of experience in public service provide him with the necessary expertise to navigate complex geopolitical challenges. Dismissing Biden’s ability based solely on age is not only simplistic but also undermines the principles of democracy and diverse representation.

Challenging Trump’s Suitability:

Opponents of former President Trump assert that his unconventional style, strong rhetoric, and engagement with divisive issues make him ill-suited for the presidency. Yet, let us not forget that Trump’s four years in office brought undeniable achievements for the American people. From historic tax reforms, deregulation efforts, a booming pre-pandemic economy, to expansive criminal justice reform, his administration heralded change on many fronts. Discrediting Trump without acknowledging these accomplishments demonstrates the unwillingness of critics to recognize the impact of his policies.

Trump White House Accomplishments:

To appreciate the accomplishments of the Trump White House administration, we must reflect on the tangible results it yielded during its tenure. From revitalizing our economy and fostering job creation, to implementing deregulation initiatives that bolstered small businesses, the Trump administration consistently championed conservative values. Additionally, his administration brokered historic peace deals in the Middle East, stood up to China’s unfair trade practices, and prioritized border security, fulfilling promises that previous administrations had failed to achieve. While opinions may differ on Trump’s demeanor and rhetoric, these achievements cannot be dismissed lightly.


In our pursuit of truth and fair analysis, it is crucial to challenge prevailing narratives and delve deeper into the assumptions that underpin public opinion. In the case of Joe Biden and Donald Trump, though critics may argue against their fitness to serve, it is essential to consider the vast experience and accomplishments of both. While each leader undoubtedly has his flaws, dismissing their qualifications outright neglects the complexities of governance and the remarkable achievements achieved by the Trump administration. Let us strive for an honest and balanced evaluation of our leaders, their policies, and the future of our great nation.

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