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Mob of 9th graders accused of beating, hospitalizing female assistant principal as she tried to break up fight: ‘She loves these kids’

A mob of ninth-graders is accused of beating up a female assistant principal, “kicking her and pulling her hair,” according to a teacher, while trying to break up a fight Thursday at Westfield High School in Spring, Texas.

What are the details?

“It broke my heart. It makes me want to cry,” the teacher told KPRC-TV of the shocking beating. The teacher requested anonymity for fear of retaliation from the school district, the station said.

“Three or four other kids jumped on her and just knocked her to the ground, and they’re kicking her and pulling her hair,” the teacher added to KPRC. “She loves these kids. She’s the nicest person and the best administrator we have at Westfield High School.

The Daily Mail said the following video “appears to show the brutal beating” of the assistant principal. Shouts of “whore” and “ho” can be heard amid the attack:

KPRC said the assistant manager was rushed to a hospital with “an excruciating headache that will need to be managed.” His family said he could not speak after the attack and would need a CT scan. KHOU-TV reported that she has since been discharged.

What did the school district say?

Spring ISD released the following statement about the incident, KPRC said:

This morning, an altercation between several students occurred in the 9th grade center at Westfield Middle School, resulting in a preventive detention. School administrators and police officers were able to quickly intervene and stop the fight and identify the students involved for discipline. As a result of the incident, a staff member was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. All students involved in the altercation will be subject to all available disciplinary action. We take these issues very seriously as the safety of our students and staff is our highest priority. There will be no tolerance for any altercation or disruption of learning.

“We don’t feel safe”

However, the teacher who spoke to KPRC said the school district’s statement is not true.

“When you ask for help at the front desk … nobody ever shows up,” the professor told the station, noting that the entire campus only has two officers. “We don’t feel safe. Teachers do not feel safe. … If parents knew how unsafe the inside of the school is, they would be upset.”

Westfield High School attendance principal taken to hospital after trying to break

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