Mittens Romney is a piece of shit – The Donald

Mittens Romney is a piece of shit – The Donald

Romney voted to impeach Donald Trump TWICE for:

a) a Russian collusion hoax that everyone has accepted now had no evidence to support it and was fabricated by the Clinton campaign, who DID collude with Russia in the making of it.

b) a polite phone call to Ukraine’s president in which no “quid pro quo” was ever shown, asking him to investigate Biden’s own admitted corrupt quid pro quo in the firing of a state prosecutor investigating the company paying his son (and thus himself).

Romney has NOT so far said anything about impeaching Joe Biden despite the Hunter Biden laptop being proven authentic OR the above stated admitted quid pro quo corruption.

That’s what a piece of shit Romney is. I hope future generations will know the name Romney the same way we today know the name Benedict Arnold, and comparing the two almost feels like an insult to Arnold.

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