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American Thinker-

By Patricia McCarthy

Mitt Romney prides himself on being a thorn in President Trump’s side, but he is just a gnat buzzing about the leftmedia that now revere him.  He’s become a joke but has yet to realize that.

Romney wins the prize among the pathetic group of RINOS who think they can vanquish Trump by treating him and his supporters like pond scum.  The problem with the left and the RINOS is that they assume, with no hint of irony, that they are smart and the rest of us are not.  Actually, it is they who are blinkered to the point of blindness. 

They take for granted their revealed conviction that Trump-supporters and the American citizens of our middle and working classes are unworthy of respect, as are all those migrants they’ve invited to cross our border without regard for the horrific indignities they must endure on their journey north.  The Biden/Harris administration knows full well that those women and children are subjected to all manner of abuse and torture, that each migrant must pay the cartels and can enter the country only with their paid permission and wearing a bracelet to confirm that permission.

But Romney now seems to love Biden and endorses his destructive policies all around.  He loves to show up on the Sunday shows and condemn President Trump.  The man has no scruples, no core values.

Had Romney won the presidency in 2012, he may have been marginally better than Obama, but, like Biden, he would never have put America first.  He’s a born globalist, which explains his affinity for Biden and the leftmedia.  He hates Trump more than he loves America. keep reading

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