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Michelle Obama is now a white supremacist according to The Woke Mob [VIDEO]

In a recent segment on Fox News, prominent conservative commentator Tomi Lahren shed light on the current polarized representation of health and fitness in popular culture and called for more balanced representation. Lahren lamented the lack of a middle ground in society’s perceptions, as the two dominant images are either ultra-fit or very overweight.

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Lahren commented, “We have two things in pop culture. We have the glorification of extreme fitness and then the glorification of obesity. And we don’t have a middle ground where it’s like, you don’t have to be thin. But you probably shouldn’t of being overweight to the point where it affects your health. We don’t have that happy medium represented.”

In an era where health image and awareness are reaching all-time highs, Lahren’s perspective highlights the absence of moderation and balance. His argument challenges notions of what is acceptable by emphasizing that the culture seems to celebrate extremes rather than healthy and balanced lifestyles.

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He also directly addressed recent claims linking health and fitness promotion to white supremacy, recalling former First Lady Michelle Obama’s focus on health and fitness during her tenure in the White House . Lahren stated, “I can’t help but think of Michelle Obama, who was a pioneer in her time in the White House in health and fitness. That was her directive.”

Continuing in that vein, she stated, “So now to call health and fitness a tool of white supremacy, I think we’re forgetting that Michelle Obama tried to introduce that, and to her credit, it was a great platform to have. “

Lahren concluded her discussion by denouncing the politicization of health and fitness, insisting that society should focus more on valuing a balanced lifestyle. “Enough of this white supremacy, enough of this has to be political. Let’s teach young and old that there is a happy medium. Let’s represent it and explain why it’s important. Instead of the two extremes in both ways,” Lahren urged.

His comments serve as a call to action for society to recognize the value of a balanced lifestyle and discard the dangerous idea of ​​glorifying the extremes of health. This perspective is a pertinent reminder that promoting a healthy body image does not require adherence to the extremes popularized in the media.

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