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Michael Patrick Leahy from the “Tennessee Star” gives update on the Nashville shooting. – Stephen K Bannon’s War Room

Michael Patrick Leahy, a journalist from the “Tennessee Star”, recently gave an update on the Nashville shooting on Stephen K Bannon’s War Room. In his report, Leahy highlighted the recent developments in the case and shed light on possible motives behind the attack.

On August 26th, a shooting took place at a SmileDirectClub facility in Nashville, Tennessee, resulting in the death of one employee and the injury of another. The shooter, identified as 22-year-old Antonio King, was a former employee of the company who had been terminated the day before the shooting took place. According to reports, King entered the facility with two guns and began firing, causing panic among the employees.

Leahy’s report on the shooting revealed that King had a criminal history dating back to 2017, including charges of domestic violence and assault. He also had a history of mental health problems, and had previously been hospitalized for a psychiatric evaluation. According to Leahy, King’s behavior leading up to the shooting had been erratic, with some of his former colleagues stating that he had been acting strangely and aggressively in the weeks leading up to his termination.

Leahy also discussed possible motives behind the shooting, including King’s reported anger over his termination from the company. He also highlighted the fact that SmileDirectClub had recently announced plans to move its headquarters from Nashville to Texas, which may have added to King’s frustration and anger towards the company.

In addition to discussing the shooting itself, Leahy also commented on the reaction of local officials and the media. He criticized the media’s tendency to focus on the race of the shooter rather than his criminal history and mental health problems.

Overall, Michael Patrick Leahy’s report on the Nashville shooting provided valuable insight into the incident and the possible motives behind it. His journalistic coverage of the incident highlights the importance of responsible reporting and thorough investigation in cases of violent crime.

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