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Meghan McCain Wants UFOs Investigated After Being ‘Petrified’ by Famous UFO Incident as a Child

Meghan McCain Wants UFOs Investigated After Being ‘Petrified’ by Famous UFO Incident as a Child

Title: Meghan McCain Wants UFOs Investigated After Being ‘Petrified’ by Famous UFO Incident as a Child


Meghan McCain, renowned television host and daughter of the late Senator John McCain, has recently become an outspoken advocate for the investigation of UFOs. Her interest in this peculiar subject comes from a personal experience during her childhood that left her both fascinated and petrified. This article will delve into Meghan McCain’s encounter with a famous UFO incident and her subsequent quest for answers.

Growing Up with UFOs

Meghan McCain grew up in a household where her father, Senator John McCain, often discussed politics and world affairs. However, one particular subject that found its way into their discussions was unidentified flying objects (UFOs). Meghan’s father had a keen interest in the extraterrestrial phenomenon, sparking her own curiosity and fascination.

The Phoenix Lights Incident

One event that deeply impacted Meghan McCain’s perception of UFOs was the infamous “Phoenix Lights” incident in 1997. On March 13th of that year, thousands of eyewitnesses reported seeing strange lights hovering over the night sky in Phoenix, Arizona. The formation of lights remained there for an extended period, leaving residents and experts stunned and perplexed.

Meghan, then twelve years old, vividly recalls witnessing the event alongside her family in their backyard. She describes the experience as “petrifying” and “utterly mesmerizing.” The incident sparked her lifelong interest in UFOs, leading to a desire to understand the truth behind such sightings.

Personal Repercussions

As the years went by, Meghan McCain recognized how the topic of UFOs became associated with skepticism, ridicule, and conspiracy theories. However, she firmly believes that there are genuine sightings and encounters that warrant serious investigation.

According to McCain, the ridicule surrounding UFO encounters often prevents witnesses from coming forward, fearing the societal backlash they may face. She argues that it is essential to create an environment where individuals feel safe sharing their experiences, scientific research is encouraged, and government transparency is prioritized.

McCain’s Advocacy for Investigation

In recent years, Meghan McCain has taken it upon herself to become a public advocate for UFO research. She has used her platform on The View to discuss the need for a more open and serious investigation into these unexplained phenomena. McCain’s belief is that understanding the existence or potential presence of extraterrestrial life would fundamentally change humanity and its perspective on the universe.

She joins a growing number of influential voices urging the United States government to further investigate the matter. McCain believes that the government should de-stigmatize the subject, create a dedicated research organization, and allocate resources to study UFO encounters with scientific rigor.


Meghan McCain’s deep-rooted interest in UFOs stems from a childhood experience that left her both captivated and afraid. Through her advocacy efforts, she hopes to encourage open discourse, scientific inquiry, and governmental transparency regarding the UFO phenomenon.

While skeptics may dismiss these encounters as sensationalist stories or conspiracy theories, it is important to acknowledge the genuine experiences and curiosity of individuals like Meghan McCain. Only through rigorous scientific investigation can we hope to uncover the truths that lie beyond our planet, settling the debate once and for all.

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