Meghan Markle’s Pity Party – IOTW Report

Meghan Markle’s Pity Party – IOTW Report

Patriot Retort: Remember when little girls would have Princess Parties? This was back when little girls weren’t browbeaten into hosting gender neutral, super-non-offensive events. Little girls would dress in finery and little tiaras and pretend to be royalty. Imagine being one of those girls and seeing an American grow up to actually become a part of the royal family. Livin’ the dream, folks. Meghan Markle was livin’ the dream.

I guess once you actually become royalty holding a Princess Party is a tad redundant. So instead Meghan decided to throw herself a little Pity Party.

Rather than dress in finery and wear a tiara, Meghan wore a super expensive designer dress and a sour puss.

Nobody knows the trouble she’s seen.
Nobody knows but Oprah.


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