Maxine Waters Daughter Profits $240,000 From Her 82 Year Old Mothers Campaign

Maxine Waters Daughter Profits 0,000 From Her 82 Year Old Mothers Campaign

I recently heard that radio-carbon dating may soon be replaced by a far more reliable method: 

Cross referencing fossils, with the particular term that Maxine Waters is “serving” 

Thats right, shes been in office that long. 

All jokes aside though, over the years, Maxine Waters has been called out as one of the most corrupt politicans in the United States, by many critics. 

Recent reports show that her daughter profitted $240K from the 82 year olds re-election campaign. 

Take a gander: 

Fox News reported: 

The reelection of U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters to another term in Congress last month proved to be something of a financial windfall for Karen Waters, the California Democrat’s daughter, federal election data suggest.

Karen Waters received a total of about $240,000 from her 82-year-old mother’s campaign during the election cycle, Federal Election Commission records show.

The dollar figure appears to mirror what Karen Waters received during her mother’s previous campaign in 2018, when the daughter was paid “more than $200,000,” according to a November 2018 report by the Washington Free Beacon.

The 2018 report explained that the bulk of Karen Waters’ payments were for “slate mailer” services that the daughter provided for the campaign, in which other candidates in Southern California paid Maxine Waters’ campaign for endorsement quotes that appeared on mailings sent out to voters on behalf of those other candidates.

The New York Post also chimed in: 

More than $212,600 in disbursements to Karen Waters are broken down into 26 entries such as “slate mailer management” fees, “office expenses” and “canvassing” between March 2019 and September 2020.

Another $28,150 in payments to Karen Waters occurred in October and November, for “GOTV” and “slate mailer management” fees — though one for $1,000 was simply labeled “Walker payments.”

Maxine Waters, who chairs the House Financial Services Committee, has been scrutinized over payments to her daughter before. Her campaign has paid Karen Waters or her public relations firm Progressive Connections to produce, print and mail slate mailers since 2004

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