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Matt Drudge pokes fun at the last-minute mystery candidate in the race for the White House

Journalist Matt Drudge teased a last-minute mystery candidate this week who could still enter the 2024 Republican primary race for the White House, has learned

In a sudden development that will come after the second race of the Republican primaries debate was held in Simi Valley, Calif., on Wednesday night, Drudge suggested there could still be a “late entry” in the ongoing race.

“Push for Youngkin 2024 now taking shape as donors and Rs get alarmed,” Costa wrote. “‘Red Vest Retreat’ October 17-18 at VA Beach…Millionaire Sponsor Peterffy he assures me that “the money would be there”. Bill Barr telling him to put his ‘oar’”.

The Financial Times also noted that Youngkin could throw his hat into the race despite the Virginia governor’s earlier claims that he would not.

“At the same time, however, the former Carlyle executive and his aides have quietly left the door open to an eleventh-hour entry into the 2024 Republican primary field.” Lauren Fedor he wrote.

“The presidential pot is boiling and he’s happy to stir it,” a source close to Youngkin allegedly told Fedor.


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