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Marjorie Taylor Greene’s “national divorce” is already happening

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s “national divorce” is already happening

The “national divorce” that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) has been advocating for appears to be occurring organically.

A new analysis of Census Bureau data shows that since the 2020 election year, nearly 2.6 million have moved out of counties won by President Joe Biden and into counties won by former President Donald Trump.


“More than 61 percent of counties that voted for Biden in 2020 lost population, while 65 percent of counties that supported Trump gained population,” the Issues & Insights analysis said.

Greene, the right-leaning House influencer, has called for a red-blue “divorce” that would cool the nation’s political anger by keeping like-minded people together. He has not advocated any “civil war” and has gone out of his way to explain the continued need for a national, military government.

She told Secrets on Wednesday: “Whether we force a national divorce through legal means or not, the national divorce is already happening because conservative Americans will no longer tolerate the abuse, harassment and hatred of left handed”.

Greene added: “We’ve had enough of his ways and most people don’t want his disgusting social policies and ideas shoved down our children’s throats.”

I&I said its analysis was a deep dive into census data that has shown red states gained in population.

“What we found was surprising: There has been a large migration from counties that voted for Joe Biden to counties that voted to re-elect Donald Trump,” the report said.

Some of the highlights:

Of the 555 counties Biden won, 335 (or 61%) lost population due to in-migration, our analysis found. Of the 2,589 counties that Trump won, 1,675 (or 65%) gained population. In some blue states that lost population, red counties picked up new residents, while in some red states that saw gains, blue counties in those states lost population.

While the report is a strong indicator that Americans are already in a political divorce, Greene and I&I said it’s probably not a perfect split and that liberals could be leaving for other reasons. And by moving into Trump counties, they could dilute the GOP vote.

“Gains in Maricopa (Arizona County) and Williamson (Texas County) are two exceptions that prove the rule and provide a warning. Maricopa’s population growth is coming mostly from nearby California as people move out of the left-leaning one-party state for a place with lower taxes, better schools, more jobs and safer living conditions Williamson County Texas is directly north of Travis County, the home of of Austin,” the analysis said.


“Here’s the caveat: Population changes have turned these two reliably red counties blue,” I&I said.

Greene explained that when blue voters move to red districts but continue to vote for Democrats, “that’s different from national divorce.”

And, he added, “it’s also a sign that Democratic voters are tired of the far left and they’re also moving into red districts, but they’re not necessarily going to vote Republican. So that could bode very badly for the 2024 presidential election or purple states and statewide races. What this could mean is that our country will turn bluer. Tragically. But it could also lead to a sharp turn to the right in the future after everyone suffers enough “.

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