Marjorie Taylor Greene liked one Super Bowl commercial and the reason is infuriating leftists

Marjorie Taylor Greene liked one Super Bowl commercial and the reason is infuriating leftists

When politicians are cast into a negative spotlight, they usually recoil to their respective corners and wait out the storm. The last thing they’ll do is chime in on a popular event because doing so will only draw more attacks. But Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene is not a regular politician. During last night’s Super Bowl, she didn’t just chime in. She did so with a Tweet that is already sending progressives into the unhinged depths of insanity.

An ad by Toyota and Team USA Olympics highlighted the miraculous path by which world-record paralympic swimmer Jessica Long came to become a champion. The tear-jerking story told of her adoptive parents learning a baby girl from Russia was up for adoption, but she had a condition that would require both of her legs to be amputated. Despite knowing these challenges would make raising the baby girl very difficult, they were overcome with joy at the prospects. They were going to raise a daughter.

Greene, a staunch conservative and mother, latched onto the sentiment that was apparent in the subtext. Adoption is an option that allows those with challenges to live their lives. It can be very difficult for the birth parents, the adoptive parents, and the child, but if it can prevent a pre-born baby from being aborted, the sacrifices are necessary.

While Tom Brady and his Tampa Bay Buccaneers made history with their Super Bowl win, his seventh, the Republican Congresswoman from Georgia thought this commercial was the only thing worth watching all night.

“The only reason to watch the #SuperBowl was to see this ad. Let us as women choose life and choose adoption just like @JessicaLong’s Mom. The greatest accomplishment we can ever achieve is being a mother. ❤️ #EndAbortion”

Reactions on social media from the left were hideous and not worth publishing. Needless to say, pro-abortion Democrats and radical progressives were quite triggered by their favorite new political target’s gall in highlighting a pro-life message in the commercial.

In a Super Bowl that had nothing but “woke” messaging sprinkled throughout, from the ceremonies themselves to the commercials, it’s refreshing that one reaffirming message stood out to Marjorie Taylor Greene and many others.

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