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Man interrupts dinner date to kill $40-plus parking scam, police say

Police say a man who interrupted a dinner date to kill a parking lot scammer was arrested Tuesday for murder.

Erick Aguirre, 29, was arrested Tuesday north of Corpus Christi, Texas, the New York Times reported. He is charged in connection with the April 11 death of Elliot Nix, 46, in Houston. He was jailed on $200,000 bond following an arraignment Thursday.

Aguirre and his date, Melanie Castillo, arrived in separate cars for a date at a restaurant called the Rodeo Goat the night of the shooting, according to the Times.

Once they parked, a man approached them to pay a $20 parking fee per car. Aguirre paid and the couple went to the restaurant. When they arrived at the Rodeo Goat, a worker told them that the apparent parking lot attendant was actually a “swindler.”

Castillo, who voluntarily gave a statement to police two days after the shooting, said Aguirre “sprinted” toward the cars as he waited outside the restaurant.

A witness at a nearby tobacco store told police he saw Aguirre pull a gun out of his car. He then heard a gunshot, saw Aguirre return to the car with the gun and then saw Aguirre return to Rodeo Goat, according to the Times’ review of court documents.

Castillo, the woman on the date, said Aguirre told her he “just scared the guy.” The couple entered the restaurant, only to leave shortly after when Aguirre suggested going somewhere else.

“She was devastated to learn of the death,” Castillo’s attorney, Rock DeToto, told the Times. He added that Castillo was “surprised to see a picture of her on the news and to learn that she was a person of interest.”

“The criminal code in Texas, and in 49 other states, and in most civilized countries, gives you no legal basis to shoot and kill someone who has defrauded you,” legal analyst Brian Wice told KPRC.

“This could have been robbery under false pretenses. But regardless of whether it was or not, the criminal code, not to mention common sense, says you can’t use deadly force.”

South Central officers found Nix unresponsive when they responded to a shooting call in the 1300 block of Chartres Street on Tuesday, according to a statement from HPD. Houston Fire Department paramedics took Nix to a local hospital in critical condition where doctors pronounced him dead.

Harris County Sheriff’s Office records show a June 27 court date has been set.

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