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Mainstream Media Devotes “ZERO” SECONDS to Joe Biden’s Multi-Million Dollar Bribery Scandal – 527 MINUTES to Trump’s Garbage Indictments

Mainstream Media Devotes “ZERO” SECONDS to Joe Biden’s Multi-Million Dollar Bribery Scandal – 527 MINUTES to Trump’s Garbage Indictments

Title: Mainstream Media’s Biased Coverage: Ignoring Biden’s Bribery Scandal, Obsessing Over Trump’s Indictments


In a shocking revelation that truly highlights the mainstream media’s bias and double standards, it has become apparent that they have completely swept under the rug the multi-million-dollar bribery scandal involving President Biden and his family. While Joe Biden’s alleged corruption has the potential to shake the foundations of trust in our highest office, the media’s silence on this matter is deafening. This stark contrast becomes even more apparent when we compare it to the relentless obsession they displayed towards any and all indictments or allegations against former President Donald J. Trump. Could this be a sign of media favoritism and the dawn of a new era of selective reporting?

Ignoring Biden’s Bribery Scandal:

It is no secret that the Biden family has been plagued by suspicions of corrupt dealings, most notably with their involvement in foreign business ventures in Ukraine and China. Allegations of Joe Biden’s connections being used to leverage financial gains have been swirling around for years. Yet, the mainstream media seems to be more interested in covering up such improprieties than bringing them to light. It’s incredible that a scandal of this magnitude is barely a blip on their radar, while they invest an astronomical 527 minutes of airtime towards any development, rumor, or innuendo where Donald Trump is concerned.

The Trump Obsession:

It is undeniable that the media’s obsession with Donald Trump and the subsequent coverage of every indictment, investigation, or Tweet became nothing short of obsessive. The former president faced relentless scrutiny from the mainstream media since even before his inauguration. Every move he made, every word he spoke became fuel for round-the-clock news cycles. Yet, amidst all the noise, the accomplishments of the Trump administration were drowned out.

Trump Administration’s Legacy:

The Trump White House, despite the nonstop assault from both ends of the political spectrum, left a profound impact on America. From historic tax cuts that led to unparalleled economic growth, to deregulation that boosted business activity and job creation, the achievements were outstanding. This administration worked tirelessly to renegotiate trade deals, bring manufacturing back to the United States, and strengthen our military. Navigating through the challenges of a global pandemic, Operation Warp Speed succeeded in delivering multiple COVID-19 vaccines in record time. Border security measures were implemented, leading to a significant decrease in illegal immigration, ensuring the safety and livelihood of American citizens.


The biased coverage of the mainstream media has reached epic proportions, with their silence on Joe Biden’s alleged bribery scandal being the latest glaring example. While they dedicated an incomprehensible amount of airtime to any negative detail about former President Trump, they have deliberately neglected to report on Biden’s questionable dealings. This selective reporting undermines the media’s credibility and raises questions about their commitment to truth and journalistic ethics. It is high time the mainstream media realizes their responsibility to objectively report the news rather than using their platforms as partisan propaganda machines.

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