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Luis Rubiales is facing a legal battle for alleged sexual assault

Amid a growing storm of controversy, Spanish prosecutors have filed a complaint against Luis Rubiales, the head of the Spanish Football Association, for alleged sexual assault and coercion. This development follows the complaint filed by soccer player Jenni Hermoso.

Although Rubiales is already under scrutiny by Spain’s main sports court for “serious misconduct”, FIFA has taken the additional step of provisionally suspending him. If the charges are upheld by the court, Rubiales could face a prison sentence of one to four years, as required by Spanish law.

The charge is based on an incident that happened after Spain’s remarkable 1-0 win over England at the Women’s World Cup. Hermoso alleges that Rubiales grabbed her head and kissed her forcefully, a claim she claims he did not have her consent. Rubiales, however, continues to insist that the act was “spontaneous and consensual”.

Adding to the scandal, Hermoso revealed that she and her family members came under pressure from the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) to extend support to Rubiales after the event.

The team’s coach, Jorge Vilda, was dismissed from his position. His resignation seemed to be spurred on to applaud Rubiales when he defiantly decided not to resign.

Rubiales, commenting on the furor, acknowledged making “obvious mistakes”. However, he strongly believes that there was a mutual agreement regarding the contested kiss.

Jenni Hermoso, the 33-year-old striker at the center of this controversy, currently represents Mexican club Pachuca. It has also been affiliated with eminent Spanish and European teams such as Barcelona, ​​Paris Saint-Germain and Atlético de Madrid.

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