Liz Cheney Is Reportedly Looking for the Exit and It Cannot Come Soon Enough – IOTW Report


She has become a distraction extraordinaire. Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) simply cannot get out of her own way and the hour is getting quite late for this sort of hysterics. It’s not hard, lady. Just keep your mouth shut. And if you can’t, you must go. It’s the same protocol for government workers. If you can work with a new administration, fine. If you want to act like Dumbledore’s Army and all deep state in trying to hamstring a new government, not only should you leave—you might be engaging in acts of treason. The intelligence community had scores of folks like this leaking and peddling lies about Russian collusion that never happened. I’m not saying Cheney is a traitor. No. But her inability to read the room is one of the main reasons why she has to go. 

She’s one of the faces of the Republican Party. The base is Trump. The base wants Trump to be a major player in shaping its future. Cheney says she doesn’t want that. That’s fine—but who the hell are you. Cheney has burned so many bridges that she seems resigned to her fate. Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) is putting out feelers—and Politico added that the gentlelady from Wyoming isn’t working hard at all to keep her position. She’s not on the phone with other members of the caucus in stacking sandbags. She’s reportedly looking for the exit. On the other hand, she also could be taking a ‘let it all burn’ approach and leave like Joan of Arc. more here

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