“Like Venom Coursing Through The Body”

“Like Venom Coursing Through The Body”

Like most Americans, political commentator, Stew Peters, has watched as the COVID-19 agenda turned into a pandemic surrounded by hysteria. At the same time, there was something interesting taking place. Along with people getting sick with COVID-19, after being admitted to the hospital, it appears the hospitals were hopeless to some degree as many patients would find themselves on ventilators shortly after. And sadly, with no family being allowed around them, some patients ultimately succumbed to COVID-19. Wanting to understand how this could happen, Peters interviewed Dr. Bryan Ardis who had an interesting theory on COVID-19 and snake venom. 

In the video, which is featured below, Dr. Ardis explained, “Guess what’s been known since 2005? blocks the nicotine receptors in the brainstem being injured by cobra venom and viper venom. Guess what drug does that, hydroxychloroquine. Remdesivir, packaged and stored as it is delivered to hospitals, comes in a little glass vial, it’s called lyophilized powder. It actually has a white to yellowish tint. Guess what colors snake venom has when it’s stored.”

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Going much deeper into his theory, the doctor noted the process of injecting snake venom to create monoclonal antibodies. “They mix it in the same preparation as listed on the fact sheet for remdesivir to actually take cobra venom or any other viper venom and inject it into horses to make monoclonal antibodies. When you read the emergency use authorization for remdesivir, it states that every practitioner who administers this to a COVID patient, pediatric or not, you have to evaluate for what’s called prothrombin time. If it increases the prothrombin time, it means it’s taking your blood’s ability to coagulate and making it longer, so it thins your blood. You will internally bleed to death.” 

Dr. Ardis couldn’t believe what he was seeing as he reviewed the evidence, inserting, “With remdesivir, it is stated on the emergency use observation, every patient has to have their prothrombin time checked before you give them remdesivir. And during treatment, do you know what king cobra venom does to the blood? It makes it so it can’t clot. If you look at the CDC’s website and NIH’s website on the adverse events from remdesivir health declaration, it actually says it increases prothrombin time which is exactly what king cobra venom does to the human body. And remdesivir is lyophilized peptides, proteins of king cobra venom. When [the University of Arizona] actually evaluated the blood samples in tissues of people who died, hundreds of them, from two different hospitals, after being treated for COVID [with] remdesivir… [they titled] their published article [‘Like Venom Coursing Through the Body: Researchers Identify Mechanism Driving COVID-19 Mortality’].

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Users online were shocked by the doctor’s claims, writing, “They are poisoning us!!! I knew something was off… Diabolical Satanist”. 

Another person added, “There’s a lot of Evil people in the world”. 

The full interview can be watched below.  

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    “Like Venom Coursing Through The Body”
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