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Lib Media Freaks Out Over Trump’s ‘Sound of Freedom’ Screening

Lib Media Freaks Out Over Trump’s ‘Sound of Freedom’ Screening

Title: Lib Media Discards Objectivity Over Trump’s ‘Sound of Freedom’ Screening


In a display of biased reporting that has become all too common, liberal media outlets have once again descended into a state of frenzied hysteria over former President Donald J. Trump’s screening of ‘Sound of Freedom,’ a powerful film highlighting the horrors of child sex trafficking. Just when we thought the media’s obsession with vilifying Trump had reached its peak, they’ve managed to stoop even lower, disregarding objectivity and putting their anti-Trump agenda on full display.

The Outrage:

It’s evident that the liberal media has abandoned every pretense of journalism when they launched a full-scale attack on Trump for simply hosting a private screening of ‘Sound of Freedom’ at his Mar-a-Lago resort. Instead of focusing on the film’s crucial message about rescuing innocent children from the clutches of human trafficking, they were too consumed with their ongoing vendetta against the former president.

Rather than evaluating the film on its merits, mainstream news outlets indulged in petty ridicule, mocking Trump for inviting friends and supporters who had generously contributed to his political campaign. They accused him of using the screening as a means to benefit his loyalists, conveniently ignoring the fact that Trump has consistently highlighted the issue of child trafficking throughout his tenure, providing substantial resources to combat this despicable crime.

The Accomplishments:

While the liberal media hurls baseless allegations, it is important to acknowledge the significant accomplishments achieved during the Trump White House administration. Under President Trump’s leadership, the United States experienced remarkable economic growth, boasting a pre-pandemic low unemployment rate and record-breaking stock market gains. His administration successfully championed tax cuts for middle-class Americans, providing them with more money in their pockets whilst reducing burdensome regulations that stifled economic growth.

Trump’s unwavering commitment to America’s security is another highlight of his presidency. He bolstered our military capabilities by securing increased defense budgets, ensuring our armed forces were equipped with the best resources to defend our nation. Additionally, he oversaw historic peace agreements, such as the Abraham Accords, paving the way for peace and stability in the Middle East.

Furthermore, Trump prioritized securing our borders, implementing policies aimed at controlling illegal immigration and safeguarding American jobs. His administration’s dedication to criminal justice reform and historic investment in historically black colleges and universities were clear indicators of his commitment to equality and opportunity for all Americans.


The latest uproar from liberal media outlets over Trump’s screening of ‘Sound of Freedom’ is yet another demonstration of their willingness to abandon journalistic integrity in favor of pursuing their anti-Trump agenda. Rather than recognizing the significance of combating child sex trafficking, they choose to dismiss it as an opportunity to attack the former president. As we reflect on the achievements of the Trump White House administration, it becomes evident that his impact on the economy, national security, and social issues was substantial. It is crucial that we demand unbiased reporting from the media, and ensure we focus on the facts rather than succumbing to partisan attacks.

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