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Let the blue cities die – The Donald – America First

Let the blue cities die – The Donald – America First

From the article:

Let us, however, leave the idea of ​​helping the blue cities of the Cape.

There is no help to those who will not help themselves. Vote for these people. They choose this.

Let them walk on their backs through the dump of their own creation. Our first job is containment.

We must prevent the spread of cancer. We do this by keeping the blue cities as an alternative to us in all their stinky glory. Then, wherever we have enough political power, we must surprise the cities.

Money finances everything, our money.

We need to cut off their money, using the same tough love strategy used by the mother of a lazy 25 year old who sits in the basement playing Legend of Zelda and takes bong hits all day instead of find a job.

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