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Less than 50% of Democrats want Biden to run in 2024: Poll

Less than 50% of Democrats want Biden to run in 2024: Poll

However, most party supporters will support the 80-year-old anyway if he is nominated for the presidential race.

Fewer than 50% of US Democrats believe President Joe Biden should run for a second term in the Oval Office, a new poll has indicated. However, most respondents said they would still support the incumbent in 2024, if he is selected as the party’s candidate.

On Friday, the Associated Press published the results of a survey it conducted among 1,230 adults between April 13 and 17.

Only 47 percent of Democratic voters said they wanted Biden to run for president again, with that number notably lower among younger demographics. Only 25 percent of Democratic respondents under the age of 45 would definitely support him, the AP reported.

However, 81% of Democrats said they would at least likely vote for Biden if he won the nomination. According to the poll, while 78% of Democrats approve of the president’s performance, that number is only 42% among the general population.

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A total of 56% of Americans said they would be unlikely to support Biden in a general election, the poll revealed, while only 26% want to see the current president run for a second term.

Biden’s advanced age — he would be 82 on Election Day in 2024 and 86 at the end of a hypothetical second term — is among the top concerns expressed by Democrats in the poll.

One respondent admitted that while he likes Biden and what he’s accomplished during his time in office, “he’s very old.”

Another expressed concern that the president may be “lacking up-to-date knowledge of what needs to be done.”

Biden is already the longest-serving president in US history.

Speaking to the press last Friday while visiting Ireland, Biden said, “I told you my plan is to run again,” adding that he had “already made that calculation.” The Democrat promised to “announce it relatively soon.”

In its report on Friday, the AP, citing unnamed sources, said the president could do so on Tuesday, April 25, four years to the day since he entered the 2020 race.

White House physician Kevin O’Connor declared Biden “fit for duty” after a series of medical tests in February.

If he officially announces his candidacy, it is highly likely that Biden will face Republican Donald Trump again in 2024. The former president joined the race for the Republican nomination last November.

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