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Late Night Crew: Meatball Edition – The Donald – America First

Late Night Crew: Meatball Edition – The Donald – America First

Hello, Late Night Crew! It’s been a very energetic day with some great memes and great news. In case this is the first post you’re reading after logging in, Ron DeSanctimonious has officially announced the President of the United States of America today. Suddenly, the nickname “Meatball” fits perfectly. His brain is obviously in his wife.

Earlier in the day, we had rumors that the meatball was going to announce on Twitter in a Spaces with Elon Musk. A lot of ‘pedes still couldn’t believe he could be that stupid, but that ended when he filed the paperwork. President Trump did the magnanimous thing and congratulated him, and then DeSanctus released his video announcement.

Then the Twitter Spaces call began, and it was a complete disaster. First, there were technical problems. I know Elon has done Twitter Spaces before (and definitely with more people), so why didn’t this one go well? It was intentional, so the media could be like, “OMG DeSantis broke Twitter?” Or was it just the worst presidential ad ever?

If you want to check it out for yourself, here’s a link to the failed Twitter space – mostly dead air, but rated “what the hell is going on?” Everything is fine, nothing but a launch failure. Whomp Whomp. This was a great opportunity to break out the popcorn and see the fire in that container. (btw the call was boring as hell)

Meanwhile, President Trump was watching and murdering this man in real time on Truth Social. To set the stage, he released two new campaign ads. The first, (Truth Social) highlights how Trump’s endorsement of the meatball “saved his career.” The second, (Truth Social, PDW, #2) focused on how there is only one Donald Trump, who sends a powerful message. Trump is the only one who can get to work for us on day one of his administration.

It didn’t end there, though. President Trump also posted some memes about the disaster of an ad. Here he is leading by example, and we must live up to it. First, he compared his ad to meatball. This was done practically in real time, proving that there is no browser more nimble than GEOTUS itself. He also posted a video of one of Elon Musk’s rockets crashing into a recovery pad, tagged Ron! 2024. I don’t know if this ad was Elon’s failure or Ron’s failure, but it was definitely a failure.

Meatball Ron has been steadily declining in the polls since he started meeting with the deep state and running pseudo-campaigns. Why should he jump into the race now, after all President Trump has done for him? Why would he challenge President Trump for a nomination that is his, after the 2020 election was so blatantly stolen? Because it’s a meatball. By the way, enjoy the new style.

Before I close, I want to give two specific shout-outs.

First off, to all the people who said DeSantis would go when few thought he was that stupid, you were absolutely right. As much as I wanted to believe that DeSantis was our man, positioned to inherit MAGA in 2028, and was just playing to the media and donors…I was wrong. It’s a meatball, which I had no idea what it had or where it was. Or, maybe his wife really is a big deal. I’m not sure it’s important anymore, but kudos to you for figuring it out. We have the smartest “feet”, although some of us may not be that smart, but that’s okay.

Second, to all the people who live in Florida, I’m so sorry. You elected this meatball to be your governor and it looks like he has done great things for the state. But at the end of the day, he changed the law so he could run for president while still being your governor. He did this so he could challenge GEOTUS and prevent him from returning to the White House. He has now opened the door for future governors to also relinquish their duties with the state to seek higher office. I’m sure you passed this law for a reason, but I think you’ve just betrayed everyone.

I don’t want to end on a negative note like this, so I’ll include some high energy music. I thought about just including links to five different renditions of “over the spaghetti,” but we can have more fun than that. So here are some rare clues to celebrate that President Trump remains the clear favorite in the Republican presidential primary.

Let’s keep that energy up, LNC. Post some memes!

Bonus Track (thanks ninabobby):

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