Kyrsten Sinema Breaks Chuck Schumer’s Heart – IOTW Report

Kyrsten Sinema Breaks Chuck Schumer’s Heart – IOTW Report

Red State: Kyrsten Sinema is a name that has slipped from the headlines the past year or so, but she’s back in a big way today. Sinema, a Democrat, rose to prominence after defeating Martha McSally in Arizona’s 2018 Senate race. Of course, that is hardly much of an achievement as McSally managed to lose both of Arizona’s seats in the span of two years. Yet, Sinema has tried to carve out for herself a sort of maverick role in which she attempts to maintain some semblance of independence. I once joked that she’s basically the most conservative senator Arizona has seen in a decade, and I was only half joking (see Kyrsten Sinema Sure Seems Like the Most Conservative Senator AZ Has Had in a Decade).

Regardless, the question has always been how independent Sinema actually is. Would she stand up in the face of pressure from her own party, or would she fold and go along to get along? Perhaps we have an answer, at least on one front.

Sinema is taking off the table any discussion of her voting to nuke the filibuster. more

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