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KJP collapses due to ‘Basement Biden’ hiding from press question [VIDEO]

White House press secretary Karine Jean Pierre again deflected reporters’ pleas for President Joe Biden to step out of the office and face direct questions from the press.

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In response to the reporter’s earnest request that the president allocate only 45 minutes of his time to address media inquiries, Jean Pierre did not offer a clear affirmation or denial. Instead, he thanked the reporter for his request and quickly changed the subject to praise the president’s supposed accomplishments.

“I appreciate the request. Thank you for the request. President, as you know, you know, again, I appreciate the question and I understand that,” he said. However, instead of addressing the issue of providing more direct access to the president, he quickly it was diverted to highlight the supposed achievements of the administration.

“And the president understands that. You want to ask him questions and have an opportunity to answer your questions,” he continued. “I mean, this is a president who has done more in the first two years, two and a half years, in terms of economy”.

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This deflection and evasion is becoming a recurring theme in Jean Pierre’s handling of press conferences, drawing criticism from conservative media and further fueling doubts about the administration’s commitment to transparency. It appears that the opportunity to question the president directly, at least for now, remains elusive, with the press secretary choosing to redirect to safer territory whenever the subject is broached.

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