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KJP avoids question about connection between Jeffrey Epstein and Biden’s CIA director | TX Transsurrection


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Today’s best:

1: Liberals lose their minds when a biological white alderman decides to follow their rules.

2: Why won’t KJP answer a question about the connection between Jeffrey Epstein and Biden’s CIA director?

3: FAFO: Texas Transsurrection Edition

Child genital mutilation enthusiasts stormed the Texas State Capitol … it didn’t go as planned for one of them.

4: Manhunt underway after stabbing in Davis, California… Where’s the outrage over knife control?

5: BOOMERANG: Behind the scenes videos of Tucker Carlson were leaked… They tried to smear him, but his Tucker Disorder Syndrome blinded them to the fact that it makes him relatable.

6: BLM radicals terrorized a mother of three until she mowed them down in her BMW… She’s just been sentenced, but it’s “the lightest slap on the wrist” Tim Pool has ever felt.

7: Senator Kennedy brings the receipts… blows the Democrats’ star witness out of the water… He tried to deny it… CUT TO!!!

8: Remember when they said “banning gas stoves” was just a conspiracy theory? Well, New York Governor Kathy Hochul just banned them in advance…

9: Subpoena issued to the FBI… A very credible whistleblower alleges that then-Vice President Biden was involved in a criminal scheme involving political decisions

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