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Kiss frontman slams ‘dangerous fashion’ of adults pushing kids to transition, uses cross-sex pronouns

Kiss frontman Paul Stanley released a statement on social media on Sunday warning parents against allowing young children to undergo sex transition procedures.

“There’s a big difference between teaching acceptance and normalizing and even encouraging participation in a lifestyle that confuses young children,” Stanley began.

The statement goes on to detail her concerns about children and express her support for people making the decision as adults.

The post got more than 4 million views in about six hours.


— Paul Stanley (@PaulStanley) 1682872766

Stanley gave the example of young children dressing up in the clothes of a sibling of the opposite sex, calling the activity “innocent” and warning parents not to make it more than it is.

“A lot of kids who have no real sense of sexuality or sexual experiences [get] caught up in the “fun” of using pronouns and saying how they are identified,” Stanley wrote.

She concluded her statement by saying that this “sad and dangerous fad” has grown as a result of adults normalizing and encouraging it in the name of promoting acceptance.

Responses to the post were mixed. While some people expressed support for Stanley’s sentiments, others were quick to hurl insults, calling him “transphobic.”

“Too often, we see celebrities keep quiet about these issues for fear of being called bigots, but there’s nothing bigoted about wanting kids to be kids and waiting until adulthood before making permanent decisions about their lives!” trans activist Sara Higdon told BlazeNews.

“… adults can do what they want but don’t we need to medicate children? When we know that 88% end up growing out of their Dysphoria by the age of 20… You’re right, accepting and promoting are two different things,” Higdon said tweet, in part.

A Twitter user with more than 100,000 followers who goes by @DefNoodles defended Stanley, saying people on the left were misunderstanding Stanley’s intent.

“I think a lot of people are missing Paul’s point. He’s not condemning trans and/or transitioning people. He’s saying that encouraging kids to participate will have permanent effects before they’re fully developed and know what they’re doing,” started @DefNoodles.

“While I think this issue is much more nuanced than the way Paul presents it here, I think the left’s rush to condemn him as transphobic misses the whole point. Friend is on the side of ‘left, supports trans rights, but believes that children. transition is a bit premature, which is a pretty left-wing take.’

Chris Bertman, a reporter currently working with Timcast, simply called Stanley’s statement “grounded.”

Ben Collins, a senior reporter at NBC News, took a jab at Stanley, apparently referring to the way Stanley dressed as an adult while performing in Kiss.

“The KISS (!) idea of ​​all bands complaining about gender nonconforming people is just… a kiss from the chef,” Collins tweeted, adding in a separate tweet that they “were wearing heels and they were head to toe in dom-style leather.”

Paul Stanley, also known as “Starchild”, was an original member of Kiss and created their iconic logo.

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