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Key Dem Might Run As Independent In 2024?


Senator Joe Manchin has been making headlines recently due to speculation that he could run as an independent in the 2024 presidential race. Manchin’s political positions have often pitted him against his own party, leading some to believe he may be seeking a new path forward. In this article, we will take a closer look at Manchin’s political career, his relationship with the Democratic Party, and his potential for a third-party presidential bid.

Manchin’s Political Career

Joe Manchin has served as a Senator for West Virginia since 2010, after previously serving as the Mountain State’s governor from 2005 to 2010. A centrist Democrat, Manchin has become known for his bipartisan approach. He has worked across the aisle to pass bills on a variety of issues, including gun control, opioid addiction, and healthcare.

Prior to his entrance into national politics, Manchin’s political career began in the West Virginia State House of Delegates, where he served from 1983-1987. He went on to serve as Secretary of State for West Virginia from 2001-2005 before being elected as Governor.

Manchin’s Political Positions

As a centrist Democrat, Manchin’s political positions often straddle the line between the left and the right. He has been known to vote with Republicans on issues such as gun control, the environment, and immigration reform, much to the chagrin of more progressive members of his own party.

For example, in 2013, after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, Manchin worked with Republican Senator Pat Toomey to introduce a bill that would expand background checks for gun purchases. The bill failed to pass in the Senate, but Manchin continued to push for gun control measures in the wake of numerous mass shootings over the years.

Similarly, in 2017, Manchin was one of three Democrats who voted to confirm Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. He also voted in favor of Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Court in 2018, after a contentious confirmation hearing in which Kavanaugh was accused of sexual assault.

Manchin’s Relationship with the Democratic Party

Despite being a longtime Democrat, Manchin has often been at odds with his own party. He has been particularly vocal in his opposition to progressive policies such as the Green New Deal, Medicare-for-All, and defunding the police.

In a 2019 interview with Fox News, Manchin criticized the “far-left” of the Democratic Party, saying, “I can’t go that far, because it’s not who we are as a Democratic Party.” He went on to say that the party should be focused on “finding a pathway forward that we can agree on as Americans, not as Democrats or Republicans.”

Manchin’s Potential Third-Party Presidential Bid

In recent months, Manchin has been rumored to be considering a third-party presidential bid in 2024. The No Labels organization, a nonpartisan political group that Manchin has been involved with for over a decade, has been working to gain access to ballots across all 50 states in order to enable a third-party candidate to run for president.

Manchin’s comments on the matter have been somewhat cryptic. When asked whether he could run on a nationwide No Labels ticket, he said, “people are starving, starving to work together.” He went on to criticize the current state of politics, saying, “Let’s be for the country and get something done.”

It is not yet clear whether Manchin will actually run for president in 2024. He has repeatedly declined to comment on the matter, telling reporters that he won’t make a decision about his political future until the end of the year.


Senator Joe Manchin’s political positions and relationship with the Democratic Party have often placed him at the center of national political discourse. As a centrist Democrat from a traditionally red state, Manchin has been vocal in his opposition to progressive policies and has worked across the aisle to get bills passed.

Manchin’s potential third-party presidential bid has garnered attention in recent months, with many wondering if he will abandon the Democratic Party and run on a No Labels ticket. Whether or not he ultimately decides to run, it is clear that Manchin’s political career will continue to be a fascinating one to watch.

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