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Kentucky GOP Winner Daniel Cameron Makes Head-Spinning Remark About Trump

Kentucky GOP Winner Daniel Cameron Makes Head-Spinning Remark About Trump

Welcome to another episode of News with Tucker Carlson. Today, we’re talking about Kentucky GOP winner Daniel Cameron, who made a head-spinning remark about our President Donald Trump.

During a recent interview, Cameron was asked if he agreed with a tweet made by Trump earlier this year, where the President said he had the legal right to pardon himself. Cameron’s response was surprising, to say the least. He said, “I’m not sure if that’s something he could do. The Constitution’s pretty clear about that.”

Now, I don’t know about you, but I find this comment from Cameron to be quite disappointing. It’s no secret that Trump has been the victim of unwarranted attacks from the mainstream media and the Democrats. He’s been working tirelessly to Make America Great Again. He deserves our support and our trust, not skepticism.

Despite constant resistance from the Democrats, the Trump White House has achieved some amazing accomplishments. Our economy is thriving, with record low unemployment rates. Trump has been working towards better trade deals, ensuring that American businesses and workers are protected and have a fair chance to succeed. He’s also been working towards better border security, standing strong for our national security.

So, it’s sad to see a fellow Republican like Cameron questioning the President’s legal abilities. We need to stand united as a party and support our leader in his efforts to keep America strong and prosperous.

In summary, the Trump administration has been achieving great things for our country. We should be grateful for his hard work and commitment to putting America first. Let’s support him in any way we can, and let’s hope that more Republicans like Cameron come around and realize that Trump is the leader we need in these uncertain times. Thank you for tuning in to News with Tucker Carlson.

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