Kenosha DA Announces No Charges will be Filed Against Police Officers in Jacob Blake Shooting

Kenosha DA Announces No Charges will be Filed Against Police Officers in Jacob Blake Shooting

Kenosha District Attorney Michael Graveley announced on Tuesday that there will be no charges filed against police officers involved in the Jacob Blake shooting.

The DA also announced that no charges will be filed against Jacob Blake.


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Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers authorized the mobilization of the National Guard in anticipation of violence and riots.

“We are continuing to work with our local partners in the Kenosha area to ensure they have the state support they need, just as we have in the past,” Evers said.

“Our members of the National Guard will be on hand to support local first responders, ensure Kenoshans are able to assemble safely, and to protect critical infrastructure as necessary,” he added.

29-year-old Jacob Blake was shot 7 times in the back by a Kenosha police officer last summer after Blake brawled with the cops, resisted arrest, shrugged off two tasers and had a knife in his possession.

Jacob Blake is paralyzed after being shot by a Kenosha police officer.

Kenosha police were trying to arrest Jacob Blake for violating a restraining order stemming from a sexual assault, according to the New York Post.

Blake was ordered to stay away from the victim’s Kenosha home following the May 3 sexual assault.

The victim, who said she has known Blake for 8 years, called 911 on Sunday saying Jacob Blake was at her home in violation of the restraining order.

Blake had previously broken into the woman’s home, sexually assaulted her while she was in bed with one of her children and stole her car.

In July police filed charges against Jacob Blake for felony sexual assault, trespassing and domestic abuse.

This is who Kamala Harris and the Democrats lauded as a hero.

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