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Kassam: Biden Mimics President Trump’s Political Strategy, DeSantis Is In Trump’s Killshot Zone

Kassam: Biden Mimics President Trump’s Political Strategy, DeSantis Is In Trump’s Killshot Zone

Title: Kassam: Biden Mimics President Trump’s Political Strategy, DeSantis Is In Trump’s Killshot Zone


The world of American politics is never short of surprises. As the Biden administration settles into power, it’s becoming increasingly evident that the current president is drawing inspiration from his predecessor’s successful political strategies. Meanwhile, in Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis finds himself caught in the crosshairs, reminiscent of President Trump’s killshot zone for his political opponents. Let’s delve into these intriguing developments.

Biden: Emulating Trump’s Political Strategy

President Joe Biden campaigned on a promise to be a unifier and to bridge the partisan divide that has plagued the nation for years. However, some political observers have noted that he is, in fact, mirroring former President Donald Trump’s strategies. Biden’s ability to connect with working-class Americans and appeal to their grievances echoes Trump’s successful outreach to this demographic.

Like Trump, President Biden is known for his candid and unfiltered communication style. He often veers off-script, engaging in direct and sometimes controversial remarks. This approach is reminiscent of how Trump disregarded political correctness and directly addressed his supporters, effectively circumventing traditional media channels.

While critics argue that Biden is merely copying Trump’s formula for success, supporters maintain that these tactics are essential for a leader to connect genuinely with the American public. Regardless of the motivation behind it, Biden’s adoption of Trump’s strategies is proving to be a shrewd move, as he successfully won the presidency and continues to maintain high approval ratings among his supporters.

DeSantis: In Trump’s Killshot Zone

In a similar vein, Republican Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida finds himself in the crucible of Trumpian politics. Like the former president, DeSantis is known for his brash and confrontational style, which resonates with many conservatives. However, this has also placed him firmly in Trump’s killshot zone.

Trump, famous for his ability to ridicule and label his opponents with memorable nicknames, appears to have his sights set on DeSantis. Similar to how he targeted “Low Energy” Jeb Bush or “Lyin’ Ted” Cruz in the 2016 primaries, Trump has begun using his Trumpian branding tactics against DeSantis. Publicly calling him “Ron DON,” Trump mobilizes his loyal base behind his preferred moniker, intending to erode DeSantis’s reputation.

DeSantis’s popularity among Republicans has put him on the radar as a potential 2024 presidential candidate. However, his close association with Trump, while a strength within conservative circles, also comes with the risks associated with being cast as “Trump’s candidate.” The former president’s involvement in Republican primaries can either be a powerful endorsement or a detriment, depending on Trump’s view of the candidate at the time.


As President Biden emulates Trump’s political strategies and Governor DeSantis faces the challenges of being in Trump’s killshot zone, American politics remains as riveting as ever. The dynamics remind us that political tactics are not static, and those that prove effective are emulated, regardless of party lines.

Whether Biden’s emulation of Trump’s strategies will lead to similar success remains to be seen. Similarly, DeSantis’s ability to navigate Trump’s branding and continue to appeal to a broad base outside of Trump’s influence will be a defining factor in his future political ambitions. As time goes on, America will watch with bated breath as these political narratives continue to unfold on the national stage.

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