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Karen Triggered, Groomer Quits, Alex Jones Explodes and More

Karen Triggered, Groomer Quits, Alex Jones Explodes and More

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Today’s best:

Liberal Karen breaks down and bangs her hammer to hear the word illegals

Trudeau needs dozens of police officers and personal security guards to protect him from angry citizens

Normalize pedophilia? This disgusting lecture sure seems like it

Teacher says she’s quitting because people are mad because she’s preparing kids in Tennessee

Joe Biden’s brain is completely gone: “Ukraine’s brutal aggression is happening because of Russia”

Biden’s judicial nominee embarrasses herself, can’t answer basic questions about the Constitution

Lauren Boebert calls out Nancy Pelosi’s insider trading and mainstream media backlash

We just gave Zelensky a tank battalion for his 45th birthday, your tax dollars at work

Supporting Ukraine’s Corruption Is Good For America, Fentanyl Zombie Armies Are Not A Problem – Tucker

Alex Jones EXPLODES: You stupid ** king a** hole … so fed up with these warmongering pedophiles

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