“Justice Will NEVER Be Served”

“Justice Will NEVER Be Served”

Democrats and their Black Lives Matter minions have gotten the verdict they wanted in the trial of Derek Chauvin on Tuesday, but many appear to still be unsatisfied.

Democrat politicians like Vice President Kamala Harris, Gov. Gavin Newsom (Calif.) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.) quickly put out the talking point that a guilty verdict for Chauvin doesn’t mean that justice was served.

“Let’s say there is a guilty verdict on the highest charge, it will not take away the pain of the Floyd family,” Harris said shortly after the verdict was announced Tuesday afternoon. “It will not take away the pain of the communities, all communities, regardless of their color or geographic location, that felt sadness and anger in what they witnessed in that video.”

Likewise, Newsom said that “no conviction” can “repair the harm done” to Floyd’s family, so they must continue to “root out the racial injustice that haunts our society.”

Sanders said that Chauvin’s guilty verdict brings “accountability” but not “justice” for Floyd.

Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (N.Y.) said point-blank that Chauvin’s guilty conviction is “not justice” for Floyd.

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison denied that justice was served in Chauvin’s guilty verdict.

Former President Obama said the jury “did the right thing” but they need to work “much more” to achieve “true justice.”

Former Attorney General Eric Holder declared that Chauvin’s guilty verdict was “not enough” because “justice” isn’t yet “commonplace.”

MSNBC’s Jason Johnson melted down over the guilty verdict, saying he has no “sense of satisfaction” because he doesn’t think it shows the “system working.”

A BLM protester interviewed by CNN after the guilty verdict asserted that “justice will never be served.”

Though Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer claimed Chauvin’s guilty verdict meant “justice was served”, he did little to turn down the temperature on race.

It’s almost as if the left was never going to let up on their racial division of America no matter what outcome came from Chauvin’s trial.

This type of ungrateful and discontented reaction by the left brings to mind the idiom: give a mouse a cookie, and he’ll only ask you for a glass of milk.

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Attorney Robert Barnes joins The Alex Jones Show to break down how the left is demanding mob justice in the courtroom as the Chauvin trial comes to a conclusion.

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