Just what exactly IS “Trump derangement syndrome”?

Just what exactly IS “Trump derangement syndrome”?

“Trump derangement syndrome” is a term coined to describe the irrational and frantic outrage against President Trump. 

People afflicted with this disorder, in their frenzied state of mind, are more susceptible to believing unsubstantiated conspiracy theories about President Trump’s supposed ties with Russia or other countries. The effects of “Trump Derangement Syndrome” can be seen through the media as people often do not go into depth on what specific issue they are outraged by but rather focus on general criticisms of his actions. 

The anger that these individuals have towards President Trump has caused them to lash out blindly at everything he does without considering the consequences or the truth behind it which creates a situation where false information is spread quickly and easily as there is no evidence to support it.

Due to this lack of rationality, many Americans who might otherwise agree with conservative ideals may be turned off by what could appear like an irrational hatred for President Trump without knowing that they are suffering from “Trump derangement syndromeā€¯.

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