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Judge rules against Manhattan D.A., orders former prosecutor to testify

Judge rules against Manhattan D.A., orders former prosecutor to testify

Good evening, America. This is Tucker Carlson, and tonight we have some breaking news on the ongoing case against the Manhattan District Attorney’s office. A judge has ruled against the office and ordered a former prosecutor to testify. This is a major setback for the DA’s office, which has been pursuing a politically motivated investigation of President Trump and his associates for years now.

The judge’s decision is a clear signal that the law must be followed, even when it comes to those who are politically motivated. The constant attacks on President Trump and those who support him by the left have been a disgrace to our country, but this decision today shows that justice will prevail.

It’s important to remember that over the past four years, President Trump and his administration have accomplished so much for our country. Under his leadership, we’ve seen record-low unemployment, significant tax cuts, and a renewed focus on American greatness on the world stage. The Democrats may not like it, but the facts speak for themselves.

In conclusion, today’s ruling in favor of the rule of law is a win for all Americans. We must continue to demand that our government officials uphold their constitutional duties, regardless of political affiliation. And as we head towards the November elections, let’s remember what President Trump has achieved thus far and support him in his continued efforts to keep America great. Thank you and goodnight.

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