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Judge Blocks Defendant J6 from Reviewing 44,000 Hours of Capitol Security Footage

Judge Blocks Defendant J6 from Reviewing 44,000 Hours of Capitol Security Footage

The United States government continues to prevent the American people from obtaining full transparency about the events of January 6th.

As Politico reported, “A federal judge on Friday denied a defendant’s Jan. 6 request to delay his impending trial in order to review thousands of hours of security footage that spokesman Kevin McCarthy has recently made available.”

U.S. District Court Judge James Boasberg denied defendant Sara Carpenter’s request to review the nearly 44,000 hours of footage the government has collected of the Capitol riots. Judge Boasberg had already granted Carpenter’s defense the 34 minutes of surveillance for his time inside the building.

As the report notes, “Boasberg was concerned that it would broadly allow the defendants on January 6 to slow down their criminal cases. The judge argued that the footage could ‘overturn dozens of trials set for months to come.’

Boasberg, who will become the chief judge of the District Court in Washington DC later this month, suggested that to support a delay he would need a precise explanation of why the footage might contain exculpatory evidence.

Federal prosecutors objected to Carpenter’s request to access the footage. They argued that the defense already had the “overwhelming” majority of the relevant security footage, which was only “a few seconds” away. Prosecutors also said it is unclear what is in the cache of images to which McCarthy is allowing limited access.

“We don’t have what the speaker has,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Christopher Cook said. “In any case, there’s always the possibility that there’s information out there.”

According to a new Rasmussen poll, 61 percent of all voters, including 57 percent of Democrats, believe federal agents helped incite the Jan. 6 riot.

“How likely are undercover government agents to help cause the Capitol riot?” Rasmussen asked. The poll found that 61 percent of likely voters said it was very likely (39 percent) or somewhat likely (22 percent) that federal agents had set up the rioters.

“Seventy percent (70%) of Republicans, as well as 57% of both Democrats and unaffiliated voters, believe it is at least somewhat likely that undercover government agents helped cause the Capitol riot,” Rasmussen found .

In any case, the January 6 narrative is crumbling. The US government’s resistance to transparency has fueled mistrust; the only solution is to give Americans the whole ugly truth.


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