Joe Rogan Predicts Trump Will Win In 2024 – NewsWars

Top podcaster Joe Rogan predicted Donald Trump would easily win the 2024 presidential election against Joe Biden.

During an interview with Amanda Knox on Friday, Rogan explained how the Democrats “fucked up royally” picking Biden to be their standard bearer.

“He’s probably going to win,” Rogan said of Trump. “How is Joe Biden gonna win? How is it possible that he’s going to beat anybody?”

“After you’ve seen him speak, after you’ve seen the decay and decline, how is it possible?”

“They’ve done a terrible job. The Democrats fucked up royally by making that guy the president.”

When Knox asked if Kamala Harris would stand a chance against Trump in Biden’s place, Rogan said: “She’d lose just as badly. She’s the most hated vice president according to polls.”

Watch the full Joe Rogan episode:

Joe Biden’s rambling misspoken speech at the United Nations was as transparent as it was a veiled message to the International order.


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